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When the hands are too large, the load is lightened.

English Proverb Happy to see you don’t see cloud cloud day.

Turkish Proverb The tree falls and leans close to it.

Relevant Promises God doesn’t help you not help yourself.

Sophocles Every help is a step towards heaven H. Ward Beecher If you can’t build your own house, move stone to a builder.

Indian Proverb If Allah helps you, every job will be in your way. Turkish Proverb

The person who benefits others is the most perfect person. Sophocles You cannot help one’s soul until the belly is full.

Jack London One’s best help is his help Goethe On the day when human beings help each other, humanity disappears.

Hold the hand of the enemy so that when you fall you will find a hand to hold The lonely one does not see comfortably, the helpless does not know fatigue.

Tatar Sayings The lonely does not see comfortably, does not see help, fatigue knows. Tatar Sayings If you want to help someone, shut up and listen.

Carmine Gallo One candle does not lose its light by igniting the other candle. Mevlana He doesn’t know that he doesn’t help someone else live. Jackson Brown