Music is heaven below us. the -Addiso Music rules the world.

Martin Luther. Life without music would be a mistake.

-Nitzsch to Music; it is the paradise of the poor. the

-Emerso Music is the expression of eternity.

-Schelling Music; is the architecture of sounds.

-Mme de Stael Music is the universal language of people.

-Longfellow Music is the clearest language of our emotions.

-Emil Zeig Where music is, there is no evil.

-Cervantes Music, however, is the truth if you can feel it.

-Rail Virtue seeds in the heart bloom with music. Luthan is Music is the art of thinking with sounds.

-Jules Combarieu Music is a harmony between heaven and earth.

-Konfüçyus Music; It is arousing excitement with sound combinations.

-Fetish Music is the expression of emotions through sounds.

-Koch If music is the food of love, play continuously.

-Shakespeare Music; it is the only language the human soul can understand.

-Bennet Music is the common language of humanity.

– Henry Wadsvorth Longfellow I can’t tell the soul of music with anything but love.

-R. Wagner Music erases the soul from the dust of everyday life.

-B. Auverbach Music is the joy, spirit, joy and everything of life.