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Words for School. School is knowledge, knowledge will come.

Schools are the bastions of democracy.

The school of science is actually our school.

He doesn’t like his school and he doesn’t like his future.

Let’s go to school for our future. The best school in the world. -Nureddin Yıldız

School is the home of education, our home. The school is a magical gateway to the future. All life is a school. -Jan Amos

Comenius The school is the home of our future children.

We learn for life, not for school. -Think The future of a nation with schools is safe.

The solution of problems and problems comes with the school. When school life is over, school of life begins. – Believers

The school is a wall of four that covers tomorrow. -Lon Watters

The school is not the end of education, but the beginning. – Lord Prougham.

Attention school starts, the teacher can get out, the lesson can start.

School is not life preparation, it is life itself. the -f.chatela

The universe is the largest school and nature is the best teacher. -Serdar Kılıç

When schools don’t fill up, prisons don’t. -İ.Hakı Knife çizade

Do more than one school, and you’il drop a prison. -V. Hugo

Education after bread is one of the greatest needs of the nation. -Paul Richer

The school provides youth; teaches to love humanity, respect, nation and country. I never let my school interfere with my education. -Mark Twain

The school is given to the people to get rid of their problems. -Lev Tolstoy Without discipline, the school is like a waterless mill. -Jan Amos

Comenius There are three ways to educate the public: school, school and school. -Lev Tolstoy

What we know best is what we don’t learn at school. -L. de Olabices

Training means changing your mind. Do not replenish memory. Mark Twain

Will the world never smell like a school out again?