In this page; Apology Words, Apology Messages, Apology Words, Sweetheart Apology Words, Friend Apology Messages. If I caused you to wither your beautiful face, please forgive me. If apology is great, it is a virtue in accepting the apology. Forgiveness does not change the past but opens the way for the future.

Please forgive me.

Small bugs disappear with big smiles.

Can you smile at me? I’m never, ever gonna upset you again.

I love you so much. Please forgive me. No words to express my sorrow.

I’m really sorry about what happened and I’m so sorry.

I don’t know how to express my embarrassment to you,

I’m really sorry. I apologize a lot to you, I wouldn’t want it to happen, forgive me,

I beg you. I think I can’t get out of it. I wish I had broken my head instead of hurting you.

I’m sorry for the mistakes I made, it won’t happen again, sorry.

Don’t deprive me of the sun that warms me up, the star born into my night.

Forgive me for making you sad. I’m very, very sorry for what happened.

I really didn’t mean that. Forgive me, what happens!

It was very nice of you to forgive me for all the mistakes and nonsense

I made. Sorry again. I’m really sorry for the mistake I made.

Such an error will not happen again. Yours truly.

A life without you is no different to me than hell.

Please forgive me, you are my heaven.

If I had known, my words would hurt so much,

I would have kept silent for a lifetime.

No error. If you’ve cried, you want to cry, and I’m sorry for every drop of tear that’s flowing.

If it was any consolation with crying, I’d give you seas.

I’m so sorry. Will you be able to forgive me?

I know it’s my fault. What I do is not forgivable!

But I’m still begging you to forgive me what happens.

I’ve never apologized to anyone in life, but my pride is no more than my love.

I apologize to you, my love. Please forgive me. I’ve never been good at this apology thing, but I love you so much that I’m sorry, dear!

You are the sun rising to my day, the star that illuminates my night.

I love you so much and I apologize for hurting you.

You know, there’s no other size like forgiveness.

I made a mistake, and I take pardon.

Forgive me, please. If the cries were consoling,

I would give you seas to forgive me. I am really sorry.

Forgive me. This is a very serious message, the content comes from the deepest corner of my heart? Sorry!

Forgive me what happens if I love you so much. After all the mistakes I’ve made, I can’t look at you.

Please accept the love that comes with this message and forgive me.

For some reason, your eyes are staring at me. Tears are flowing from those smiley eyes, and I apologize if I broke them without knowing. I’m so sorry for hurting you.