Sometimes it is difficult to share emotions and explain how you feel. Especially if the source of these emotions is love … We have compiled beautiful love words to help express their feelings for those who love love, whether platonic or mutual. We have listed them in short, long, platonic and even English categories. In addition, in the rest of the article, we have also placed pictorial love words.


You always smile so that the beauty of your heart comes alive in your smile…

And the love. To make everyone look like him and not be able to put anyone in his place.

You’re my rote I don’t even need to look at to see.

He laughs so well, I say, that’s all I’ve ever had.

The most beautiful mirror I can see myself are the eyes that look at me with love.

No more prayer be mine. Live a thousand with me, your mind, your love.

Your smile is like a kiss of life to me. That’s why I keep trying to make you smile.

I woke up with you again. Obviously I loved you when you were asleep.

This is the heart of the teapot. Say prayer, say tea, seniority to heart. Let the loyal one come to Love.

If we catch a wish, I call it what you call it. You know I always have your face in mind, I miss your voice.

Love me like crossing the street; First look at me, then look at me, then look at me again.

True love makes even imaginary happy like games of chance. But love is the one who can.

If you go, your voice goes, your smell goes, your face goes. The moon trembles, my skin shakes and my night is over.

Doubt the love of those who say I love you, because love is silent, love is mute sevgi

Love connects man to life and life connects man to love.

The first breath of love is the last breath of logic.