Explaining things without compensation is unnecessary. Victor Hugo

It is a very serious message, its content comes from the deepest corner of my heart. Sorry.

If I caused you to wither your beautiful face, please forgive me.

I’m never, ever gonna upset you again. I love you so much. Please forgive me.

There is no compensation for death and lost trust in this world!

This is a very serious message, the content comes from the deepest corner of my heart? Sorry.

I apologize for all the resentments we’ve had in the past.

Discussions are actually a test we give in life. The test of our love. Can’t we just pass this exam?

I’m never, ever gonna upset you again. I love you so much. Please forgive me.

I’m sorry for the mistakes I made, I’m sorry it won’t happen again.

I apologize very much to you.

I never apologize again, so relax, after that, if you’re upset, I apologize for you laughing .

Without mistakes, forgiveness wouldn’t be good. I am very sad. Please forgive me.

I apologize for life without knowing what happened, without getting tired and breathing.

No words to express my sorrow. I’m really sorry about what happened and I’m so sorry.

I broke your words without even knowing you. Would you forgive me if I gave you a kiss and apologized?

It was very nice of you to forgive me for all the mistakes and nonsense I made. Sorry again.

If you cried, you want to cry, and I’m the reason. I apologize to you for every tear that’s flowing.

A life without you is no different to me than hell. Please forgive me you’re my paradise.

Please forgive me if I’m the one withering your beautiful face. You are my Everything. How can I slaughter you, dear.

You know, there’s no other size like forgiveness. I made a mistake, and I take pardon. Forgive me, please.

O son! It’s easier to make up for something you’ve missed by silencing than repairing a heart that you offend by speaking. Hz. Ali

Nothing tastes without you. It is only your love that gives meaning to all emotions. I love you. Please forgive me.

The only reason I hurt you is because I love you more than anything. I wouldn’t make a mistake like this if I didn’t love you. Forgive our love, my dear.

Don’t be upset with me, darling. It hurts me to see you upset. You make a mistake, I have no word for you, not even a site, it’s heartbreaking.

I forgot this special day because of my intensity. But I can make it up to you. Because I loved you every day, not one day.

sinema haber

I’m sending a white pigeon with this message to you. It’s a message of peace. So that he can eliminate all resentments and accept my apologies.