I love the distance you
without AI smell,
without a hug around the neck
without touch your face
I just love
love remotely She’s so you
to keep your hands are
touching the heart
without going daııp daııp in the eyes say
three days ‘march sevdaıar persist
bum by’ s not love guys like
She’s so in love remote you
yanakıar leaked two Damia age SiI without
the crazy kahkahaıar the joint OIE without
the Your favorite song together without burbling
I love you, She’s so remote
from breaking
without parts
being sad
love remotely without ağıat
I love She’s so remotely;
love every word I want to tell you by smashing it in my tongue while I’m dripping, I love
my words
on an innocent white paper
– Congregation Surya

I’ve tasted love you,
I’ve been burned for the first time , I would not believe
what love nor love before,
You are inclined, you have turned me mad,
Good that you came
You were worth loving.

I drink you water, breathes and sleeps,
I love you without realizing,
my dear ,
You must be my only reason to live,
I was born with you I am you, in
my heart, you in my tongue.

Today you were born, darling, I am the
other side,
You are an angel
descending into this world, the other name of Purity.
Good thing you are, and good thing you are in my life.
Years of love, peace, dear.

Tonight I sent the angels to you,
Did they whisper to you how I love you, Did they
kiss your lips and leave my heart softly?
I told the stars how much I love you,
Nights have witnessed my love
My love for you has rained, darling,
Did you watch?
And I begged to Allah,
All things so that he would always be happy, always laugh and always be mine.

I was missing without you all the
time , When you came at that moment I was full with you,
I forgot all my love chests,
I live with you now, The
owner of my life is the heart of my heart,
You are the most beautiful song I’ve listened to,
I look at the most beautiful view I love.