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Love poems

Love poems

I was always cold for you,
because I was winter.
I looked at it. And I’m
not denying it,
I’ve been involved in big things like loving you.
And please don’t deny;
I looked best on you. – Özdemir Asaf


The world’s population divides in
half half you become, half me
Then the two of us become a whole, without sensing
anyone. – Özdemir Asaf

I want to take a trip to you,
Kes , a ticket to your heart;
Be the edge!
– Community Surah

Did you sleep?
Are you tired?
Can you move a little before you go to sleep?
If you don’t know
Where to put your hands,
If you play a little wrists
Thinking of me
before I can sleep?
You know
how I miss your hands, your
– Fasting Aruoba

Everyone thinks you’re you.
You don ‘t know if you OIE on the lot without
you even close ..
you I was passing,
I say,
watch in sordukıar;
He is passing it.
Nobody makes sense.
They said you didn’t get it repaired.
They don’t want to get it done.
I’ve had a broken watch for a long time, always with you.
I stop time in my heart,
because it passes without you,
Scorpio is displeased with the scorpion.
If that broken clock works, it’s dead to me.
If the scorpion crosses the
heart , Atan, my heart will stop.
Let it stay broken, at least;
I’ve had a broken watch for a long time, always with you.
– Turgut Uyar

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