love words

Every morning I look forward to your day with your voice and your scent, darling. As I walk forward to the same life, the idea that we will grow old together excites me so much that I will never be able to tell you tan

It’s so miraculous to be there and look right into your eyes, honey. I wish I never left and I could always stay on your left. One day he’il come back, believe me. Now sleep well, darling.

You’re the only woman I’ve ever wanted to stay with for the rest of my life and never want to leave you for a second. I’m in love with you enough to spend my whole life with you just shut up and look into your eyes. You’re my Only One…

Have you ever asked yourself how romantic you are? Maybe your boyfriend has kept telling you you’re not romantic at all, or maybe he knew from the beginning how romantic you were. Regardless of the situation, it is guaranteed that your lover will be surprised by this gift and give you another big score for your romance.

Nobody in the world can understand me better than you, darling. You know me and the way I feel. Good thing you are, and good thing you’re the most important part of my life, honey.

  • Isn’t it quick, honey? It’s like we met yesterday and it’s like the years have never passed. I don’t feel old with you, honey, but I always feel younger. I love you so much, my dear darling.
  • It’s been five years since I started walking on the same road, honey. It all happened so quickly that we jumped forward in a time machine. It is almost impossible for me to feed you.
  • You’re the most precious part of my life, honey. I can’t imagine a life that you’re not in. Everywhere I don’t hold your hands, don’t feel your breath, hell, honey. I love you very much
  • You came to me in such a beautiful time, my dear, that you caught me when I was about to give up everything and gave me strength. You loved this life again and renewed my soul, darling. I love you…
  • The world’s most beautiful instead, maybe you … I wish I could keep the middle
    one he could find cover you with love … I wish them
    next next breathe when I’m older …
    you changed my life, if I’m part of one single wish …