Make sense of your posts with meaningful articles.

Rather than go back to a past I know, I walk to a future I don’t know.

The depth of some is caused by the turbidity of the waters. Do not be fooled!

I’ve found myself a lot of what I’m looking for. I learned to be completed, to be half a person.

The truth is, my friend; it is not worth consuming yourself for anyone. The more faithful you are, the more treacherous people are.

Call me now. I come running again, I come panting. I never thought you’d hurt me. Isn’t that bad?

It was as if we were the two characters of a photograph and one of them had separated it. Now I’ve got a picture of me missing the other half.

Just stop and look, all the world views compete to the death.

After a while you feel like you’re used to everything. That’s the result of being exhausted. The price of fatigue. Unfortunately…

Anything you feel special about will end one day. You’il die and life will resume. Isn’t that sad?

Think carefully before talking back and forth about someone. Because the sludge you get will be in your hands first.

I know it’s not easy to understand me. But believe you is much more difficult to understand.

It’s like I’ve only existed before I met you. I knew I was alive after I met you.

You’re full to your throat, but you’re still throwing it in. So that you don’t have any room to breathe.

Day is over. I didn’t see your smile for three days.

Imagine you’ve lived in your cage your whole life. Then they let you go free, you can fly as you wish. But come see that your wings are weak.

One day my life is reversed, but if my nose runs out, it’s under my nose. No way?

If a person wants to die, you cannot give him life. Don’t bother in vain.

Your arrival was like putting bees on all dried branches. Your eyes were the capital of hope.

People are like that. He lets one wrong take away a thousand truths and they never recognize you again. They can’t call it ungrateful.

I’ve always worked hard for what’s going on in my life. Not only will everything be halal with my effort, but whatever I’m tired of giving up, I’m glad it didn’t happen!

After a while they claimed that I had changed, but I just started to see who was what.

Then you say whatever happens, and you release everything in your mind. Happiness begins at this point. Your bravest move. Then nothing can be left for you, obviously.

When you hold on to the edges of the seats you hold on tightly, you take a step without boldness; That’s when you walk. That’s when you grow up!

If you can ring the bell instead of looking for the key when you come home, you are one of the luckiest people in the world.

Sometimes love doesn’t handle everything. Understanding, respect and loyalty sometimes outweigh.

Some are crushed by the size of your heart. Do not show fidelity!

Then you will appear as a very lucky person in the eyes of people. They will never know what you’re fighting until you get there!

There were no clouds between me and Varla. Either lightning flashed, or the sun shone in my soul.

The life you’re late for is never a life. Erase everything and draw a path again.

It’s all over or it’s all over again. It doesn’t matter anymore. Most of them are gone, there is little left.

I say some words, it’s too good for some people to hear. Don’t waste it.

What is not taken by working and winning will always remain in the ukte. If you’re looking for the peace of life to be loved! No matter how much effort you spend in your lifetime, you will not be loved!

I don’t burn a man’s heart in vain. Either they want to live for the future, or they have lived in the past.

When you catch one lie, you start questioning the truth.

Even if the ocean falls from the sky, no water should pass between us.

The seasons are innocent, your absence is icy.

Serenity is the most beautiful.

The city you live in is very lucky. Maybe there are even seagulls who think their eyes are sky.

If I were the sovereign, if I attacked where you were, I’d see my eyes, I’d drop my guard, I’d be defeated. There would be a loss of taste that no victory would give.