In this section you can find meaningful words.

You are no longer my favorite sight, but a coast that everyone can watch.

You cannot intimidate a person who has given up on you when you love.

Cool, colonel, a moment of action.

The sadness of staying away does not fit into me. But I can’t go to people who don’t come to me.

I’m never tired of the lines I wrote you, but at least if you had any news.

I used to move the world in anger, but I went home. That’s what it’s called growing up.

I swallowed the knot in my throat.

I’m not the one he loves. I can’t tell you the pain of that.

Sometimes you understand var, with no…

That’s always been the case. While good people wait for good times even at the wrong stops, bad people do not appreciate even at the right stop.

You get used to everything over time but it never ends.

You can only close the difference between what you want and what you can do when you give up.

The human brain is always a perfect farmer. He’s constantly mowing everything up. And in the end, you understand everything. Understanding… Understanding is a very dangerous thing.

Before you fall a path. But you’re not at the end of this road. You’re not even on it, but you can’t get out.

Once one sees being alone, he gets used to loneliness. At the end of the road you become a strong but numb person who does not need anyone.

I came out of every pit I fell myself, now thank you to anyone else or my hardest time is not holding my hand.

Of course I have heavy words to say to you, but my lips are not as unscrupulous as your heart.

Loving people come again, even if two hands in the blood, does not produce excuses

When I thought that I was right before I would tell until I understand, I’m tired now I understand that I’m right the moment I shut up.

That’s the biggest jury in the world.

If you like to fly, you’il risk falling. When you live scared, you only watch life.

And by opening your handful of days you will find what you want in your hands. Believe me. Don’t stop believing!

Show you. “Look! This is my only port in life! Orum

Working away from you 3 big things. Boredom, bad habits, poverty!