Nice Words

“Man is the only being who denies what actually happened.” Albur Camus

Two things are endless. The stupidity of the universe and man. And know that I’m not sure of the universe.

Lay Embrace your life, count your blessings, and don’t complain about what you don’t have. ”Joyce Meyer

“ We’re what we’re looking for. He is always there and if you make known itself to us if we take her time. “Thomas Merton

” Remember, patience is not just waiting skills, while waiting for the correct behavior merchandising capabilities. “Joyce Meyer

” The little faith seed, is better than the happiness of the largest fruit. ” Henry David Thoreau

They say we’re in love only once in life, but that can’t be right. Every time I look at you, I fall in love again.

You’re the place I like to go to when I need some peace.


I silently sent my lips. I put my bosom and my head under your feet.

My eyes will be earth, but my heart will always smell love.

When there are lots of mistakes to do, we always make the same mistake over and over again.

As time goes on, you understand better. That you can’t love anything like before!

You understood me wrong. I could not forget not to forget. Knowingly and willingly!

You dream of many people, you want to go and be the truth, it is the dream.


Don’t worry, at least I’ve learned that you can’t dream with everyone!

You can walk the way you walk again, but memories, Never!

To love was not to work, but to love was to trust and to belong. She used to be.

If I was finished in you, you wouldn’t be alive in me.

Keep in mind! The heart you turn into ashes dies by blowing someone else.

Patience; sip the pain without grimacing.

The value of life is not to live long, but to live well. Living to the fullest depends on your enthusiasm, not on the multitude of years.

You know, nobody has the right. Not a mile forward or a mile back. They’il break you right where you broke me.

I’ve left so many things to him.

Time is not the time to create force from unity; time is the time to be able to survive alone.

We’re just two people who can’t get into each other’s lives and can’t get out.

Love; literally when I saw you, or when I heard your voice, my heart beat was as if horsemen were passing by.

Okyаnuslа, we were like the sky we sеninlе. We were both blue, we were together. In fact, we had never birlеmmeþmişti …

You’re the most passionate love that I’ve never been bored of for hours.


Behold, they say, “If I speak deeply, the place will play.” I am not one of them, am If I speak deeply, no one can stand.

I had dreams, I was afraid to see, I had feelings, I was afraid to say, I had poems, I was afraid to write, now you are afraid to lose.

” The truth is not with the measure of people; know people with the measure of truth. ” Ali (ra)

Lying is intelligence, honesty is courage. If your intelligence isn’t enough, try lying and trying to be honest.

‘To leave works like giants, you have to work like ants.’ Necip Fazıl Kısakürek

Love is not a word coming out of the lips, it is tears flowing from the eyes. The purpose is not to die for the sake of a lover, but to find a lover to die for .

‘The rich of the unemployed, the bookless scholar, the capital of religion, the devil has been the guide.’ Yunus Emre

Yaşam Life is a very cruel teacher. First he makes exams and then he lectures. ” Andre Gide

‘The last word of a woman is stiffer than a man’s fist: because one loses his teeth and the other dreams.’ William Butler

We are not a society that is not as read. Men read what they know, women kick their asses.

Arkadaşlık Friendship is a strong bond. If money is not needed, it will last a lifetime. Ömür Mark Twain

If you’re looking for a cure, and he’s looking for an excuse, there’s nothing left to look for!

My boss; I said, “Your new car is beautiful.” He told me; “If you set goals, work hard, and do your job well, I could get better next year  .”