Romantic I Love You Lyrics

With romantic beautiful words you can call your lover with the most romantic phrases of I love you.

Maybe it’s only your love for me that connects me to life. Flowers can’t live without water, so I can’t live without your love. I have no purpose but to love you, darling.

Every flower I smell, every word I hear, every place I see there’s only you and your love.

I’m just running for you. I have seasons in my pockets. I brought you a whole life with its heat and its cold. My whole life so it’s time to love you.

I’m all the possibilities with you. You made me believe in miracles, now let’s create a miracle together, darling. Let’s go with you to eternity.

You came to me to be the meaning of my life. It was written in my destiny. Now I love you more so that my prayers will be added to my destiny.

I know nothing but love you. I’m ignorant of anything but your love.

I love you so much; My mind is flying away from my head, my heart from my body.

Nothing is like loving you, dear, it’s all about you and your eyes.

I’m in the secular tone of loving today and I’m continuing to love you without doing anything again from where I left off. Loving you is an ongoing action, dear, loving you is not like a month or two is to love until you can fit into life.

I will love you, dear. You are the most precious jewel to be loved, the most beautiful city to visit, the clearest sea to discover. I need to love you by seeing, seeing, knowing and feeling.

My ears stuck in your heartbeat while I was hearing news from my own heartbeat. I like your heartbeat, dear, is there more than that?

My fingers remained in the hair I touched with my hands, no rain could wipe. Your hair was the most beautiful place of my existence; I loved you from the first hair dear, here I am you smelling up your long hair.

I fell for your smile standing just under your brunette face. I didn’t love you so much, I loved you to death, dear.

If you play again, you look at my door, you play the piano on my fingertips un When you’re scared at night, you whisper my favorite songs, and you’re all with me, I’ll never be in touch with you. What kind of love dear I have that I can’t go beyond you and I can’t love this world without you. Love it very much!

Our hearts locked in the same song. We met you at the beginning of a song, without moving the souls to the sky with our bodies moved. It was years before we could reach a chorus until I loved you, dear, a fast-growing action that wants to love you.

In an unexpected moment you knocked on my door to see if it was empty sevgili That heart was full on the spot. Your love had been me for life. I love you.

Come and see my heart still hangs in the same place. For the sake of my days waiting for you without you, dear. Don’t break the strongest part of this loving heart, that’s my life center. Leave them, I love you more than anyone.

As long as my heart beats and breathes, I can still fit another lifetime to love you. I can show everyone how much a person can love. When you are loved, it makes sense to love, I want to tell this meaning and drown everyone in the light.

Beyond loving you, what I’m feeling is leaving me in the palm of my hand. I feed you poems, dear, I do not kill poems you love, I do not kill points, commas. I will not kill my beloved, nor will I kill my love and poetry. I will love you and your poems as long as I know myself.