Cruel Messages, Cruel Words, Cruel Words.  I miss you again, I’m confused again, Dad. You’re a traitor to my eyes. If necessary, we win gambling, we buy love. You can forget about your own suffering by consoling others. Forget that your face is smiling instead of remembering.

Life makes us pay for our happy moments. I realized that; Who makes me skinny, comes to him buzz.

I have no more sin left for you. The body carries the burden of the feet, while the spirit burden the heart.

The most deafening sound is the silence of a woman suffering.

I said, whatever it is, you chose to be devoid of honor.

Some collapse promotes brighter developments.

Standing up is more honorable than living on your knees.

You see, you’re in the lead of what you call “I don’t do in life.” You left me with more pain than I could handle.

It is easier to forgive an enemy than to forgive a friend.

Don’t show anyone your pain.

Because there’s someone to throw wood in your fire. If this heart is sentenced to separation; then you have to live to die.

Who says I’m going to play goodbye in this world where you cry? The day you left, you took everything like yourself.

You’re gone, I’m done. The ones we trust the most teach us that we shouldn’t trust anyone.

Why am I so bad? Because they looked at us right in the eye. It hurts, doesn’t it?

Being ignored by the people you care about the most.

Now I’m the last to finish, who knows who will start first.

Anyone who doesn’t coincide with enough cruel people thinks he’s too strong.

Those who do not suffer cannot even imagine that others may suffer.

Every person has a face that he doesn’t show to mirrors and a sadness that he doesn’t tell anyone.

Even if they don’t be ashamed, there are people who want to return to their enthusiasm.

I’m the boss of my own right now, I’m working slaves in my heart for you.

I shut up. May my silence be a gift to the silence. I cried. May my tears be forbidden to cry.

We don’t think we are always pushed in society, we are inclined to do this, we are only the work of our loved ones.

If you’re leaving, help me get some. I’m not saying go, but at least teach me to forget.

When we were kids, we used to bite our arms.

As if he knew that time was going to hurt us, even when he was that small.

The greatest value you can give to some people is to capitalize their initials.

Believe the rest, they are not worth it! There is nothing in life that hurts as much as the word see you when you leave.

As if it wasn’t enough, he gives hope. Shut up, shut up. No one understands who hears.

Either he doesn’t come to him or the ears are closed to you.

It would be only if we wanted to be happy, but we always wanted to be more happy than others, and we always thought others were happier.

He was in my smoke, I quit smoking; he was in my cup, I stopped drinking; In my dreams he had to sleep; I looked at it without him, I stopped living!

I have a briefcase full of sentences in my notebook. My sentences are too deep to hold a band-aid. Can you call someone who pains their way with 29 letters, not wounds?