Sad Words, Sad Messages, Sad Words

Don’t trust me! I laugh at your face, I cry behind you.

I’m only on the road, but you’ve always lost me Sometimes tears do not flow through the eyes, heart cries quietly.

I said, brother. Will you be a brother to my suffering? He updates my pain, when I think of your laughter.

I was so immersed in dreams, I forgot I was alive!

If life is lonely and you’re gone, why should I live?

And sometimes I can’t open my eyelids in pain.

Don’t show that you love. They won’t let go.

My smile; They are heavy workers trying to cover my pain.

Don’t ask me about love! It is a sin to speak behind the dead.

I’m in the lead again and unfortunately I’m sorry I play.

Sometimes the pain comes. The abyss says, come and fall from me.

We suffer in tiny rooms that will not fit into cities.

Only those who suffer great pain know the meaning of happiness.

Keep your pain in it, God know, if someone else knows, your pain grows.

Don’t take anything to hurt you when you quit.

They hurt me, but it’s good that they remind you! I was small.

First I met him, then his pain. I grew up. Once again, trust is one more time to risk being wrong!

He covered everything at night. He covers the pain of heart.

Some people can’t even go. It’s either his memory or his pain.

Even when my shadow left me, I haven’t seen you leave much!

Take a good look at people’s faces, the laughter of the painful one would be nice.

I’m sorry, dear, I didn’t love you little enough to be happy with her.

I have broken tears on my face. The more it wipes, the more it hurts.

I’m not a good poet, but I’m a good photographer. I suffer very well.

We both cry, but not each other. Our viewpoints are very different.

People are passing through our lives so that their pain is more loyal.

The pain never leaves you alone.

Repentance of things that are wrong is passed by the day, but the repentance of things that are not done continues for life.

Do you think that’s enough to hear from the tongue? The original was heartfelt. Now tell me, are you tongue or heartfelt?

The saddest thing in the world; it is that two people, who once knew each other, behave as if they were completely foreign.

If a person smiles a lot, make sure there are earthquakes in his soul. Because if your heart hurts, you don’t want anyone to know.

Everyone’s left side hurts! My head hurts, too. I must have carried a lot of people that didn’t deserve it.

If something done is causing you pain, the pain you feel is not from that thing itself; That’s because the value you give doesn’t touch it.

I’m tired of life coming on me, kneeling to the namert face of the world, falling from my heart to my falling, this orphan,

do not intimidate me. I have silent screams as if deafening my heart. And now I’m laughing.

I make love in the bosom of the lonely flowing loneliness Can you kiss my pains that have not seen the sun before my body.

I’m so heavy, you’ve gone away from me. You’ve gone away from me.

In this page; Sad Words, Sad Messages, Sad Words, Bitter Words. Every pain draws heart to face. I was passing, I was disappointed. Revenge is more brutal than a man!