What a dream.


It’s deep, I love you.


All I need is a little bit of you.


It’s as if the love that was kept flying,


Unless I bring you back to me,


You’re too expensive, you bliss.


What if I love someone else?


We are people of a completely different world


The sight is my eyes,


You’re too expensive for happiness.


I’m not writing because he doesn’t read.


The only thing to love and live


Do I give up the existence of…


They used to say nice when they were kids,


Open my hands like this every night,


You burned your love and dropped it.


I’m sorry, even you,


May Allah bring you to Him ..!


The laughter that makes my nest.


We are different from each other


Don’t be among those who give up hope üm


I don’t know about oxygen, but you smell.


Your laughter is making a nest to my mind.


We’re victims of unity …


You’re my best feeling.


You’re my best feeling.


I slipped you out of the sun.


I don’t know the oxygen, but smell.


They said from behind me, he’s callous,


I waited as the winds passed,


In welfare, the law is to eat.


Which one of us did not fall into this land of love…


We don’t have any fancy love words, either.


Fucking inside, fake inside!


Our eyes are enough to sincerely love.


Which one of us doesn’t like crazy.


Love or hate koy


You name it Vuslat or longing,


What’s going on in my head is irreversible.


You laughed… And my story started de


‘O’ who comes to your mind when you say;


I wake up every morning and I love you first.


We were born by chance.


One night I’ve got a piece of paper,


You came to my mind and went to someone else.


At first sight or at first sight?


At first sight or the first smile?


It’s not called miss.


I dream of loneliness, long way.


Don’t make me fight your absence. I lost …


Everywhere we’re not next to each other.


Not that I love you, but because I love you so hard.


It’s not only dark in the evening.


It’s not called a miss.


Don’t make me fight for nothing. I lost it.


Don’t make me fight your absence. I lost it.


Everywhere we’re not together.


The most secluded place in this city is my heart.


Let me see new happiness every time I look.


My heart is the most secluded place in this city.


I’m not different, but I’m not like anybody.


Don’t fight me for nothing! I’m lost ..


The smells you smoke in the absence of cigarettes.


Cigarettes I smoke in your absence.


Do not trust people they die, do not lean to tree they get dry.


When the heart falls tired, the heart becomes dumb.


Life is not entrusted to those who do not know how to take heart ül


More than the value of the clown king.


Life cannot be entrusted to anyone who does not know how to volunteer…


Come on, don’t forget your cigarette.


The good friend doesn’t need a mirror.


We both loved you so much, I love you, you.


I’m starting to write you with a lighter…


Oh, we’re not the only ones with you.


Let’s see Mevlam ney. Anything is good.


When the heart is tired, the heart will be without a tongue.


A man makes mistakes, but he never skews.


When the heart falls tired, the heart becomes dumb.


Let’s catch what we lost, you start with me…


The so-called brothers, don’t forget to keep up.


We can’t find it at this hour.


Hard times have to extract friendly foe.


Compensation for betrayal, no excuse for cunning!


If it’s time to give me, I’m willing to go.


You’re too expensive to be happy. I dont have that much money.


Take out the cigarettes, we’il dream tonight.


It haunts me. I’m thinking, he’s not.


I can’t kill you.


You’re so expensive, happy. I dont have that much money.


I love you like a broken glass You CAN SOLUTION!


Let’s see what Mevlana is. Something beautiful.


If love is a lie, why is it so real.


If time gives you to me, I’m willing to go the distance.


Let’s see what they do. Anything is good.


Fucking doesn’t have a school, but for some reason he’s a graduate! ..


If love is a lie, why is it so real?


You’re too expensive, you bliss. I dont have that much money.


Pity me with truth, but never comfort with lies.


That’s when I don’t forgive you for the rest of my life!


Give me a hand to my wife, I’m tired of missing!


It’s a hard time to pick up the enemy, his friend.


No one understands my words, my sleep trailing eyes.


The heart dies when it is forgotten, not when it stops.


Some people say they miss it, another cigarette burns.


It takes “labor için to sustain the ürek heart için to love…


If the tongue is thirsty, it is a remedy, but what if the heart is thirsty.


We put a lot of cigarettes out of those possibilities.


There are lovely people laughing; shattered inside!


Every day, you go through my mind and say hello.


How can you laugh, even when baht cries in your face …


Your beauty is worthless, if it wasn’t for Love.


When the color of hope is black, it is not possible not to be blind.


I have more curses than I told you.


Love is like a blind person saying to a deaf “you are very beautiful”.


Don’t bother. No one but me can destroy me!


The love fire falls to the loved one, then to the loved one!


I’ve seen every aspect of love, no matter what.


There is no share in a good day if it does not contribute to a bad day.


I’ve seen every aspect of love, no matter what.


Beautiful people who don’t give up! Look, there is God, there is hope…


How can I endure the sight of my soul who wants to see you?


He lost me, but the sorcerer wasn’t a fucking bastard!


I’m offended from my hair to my nails.


We are drunk of our loved ones.


You were the guest’s child. You came, you messed up and you left.


Who we care about, we paid for it like lions.


Write my name in the palm of your hand, you can lick plenty as you think.


Turn around and see how many people you say don’t leave.


You were like a guest’s child. You came, handed it out, and you left.


You know who I killed to keep you alive …


I would never try to win whoever lost me.


Inside me, like a second person is the bliss of loving you.


You know what I killed to keep you alive.


Who knows where you’re cold when I’m burning you.


Who wants to see you before you see it, how to endure.


Bound me with the truth. But never relieving with lies.


You know what I killed to keep you alive.


I’d be a billionaire if I sold you my cover.


I’m offended from my hair to my nails.


You’re right, baby, I grew up with nightmares,


Bitter me with the truth. But it’s never with a lie.


You were like a guest’s child. You came, you messed up, you left.


Sometimes the longest journey is the distance between two people.


Those who do not contribute in bad days do not have shares in good days.


The other day, friends went to the tavern. They didn’t get full.


The other day, friends went to the pub.


To love is to take time. Not to fill your spare time.


Those who say, “I can’t cry!”


What we imagined, what life gives us.


Happiness in my throat hit my back.


It’s not fair to leave, I smell you, too.


However, I am at the bottom of the abyss where he is afraid of falling.


The other day the friends went to the pub. They didn’t get without GAM.


I never try to win!


Happiness remaining in my throat, they hit my back.


Some teach you to be grateful, some teach you to swear.


It’s a hard time for a man to sort out his friends.


Praying cold hearts I pray for you to chill!


They took out the happiness in my throat.


How long have I been looking for sleeplessness?


If you’ve managed to lose me, I never try to win.


We were grooming people while you were grooming horses on the farm.


You’re like gambling; If I win, forbid, I lose someone else ..!


You’re like a fairy tale book, good to read, but hard to believe.


People who die in our hearts, we can not pray in our language!


Then you came and laughed at the daisy field was barren land.


It’s not just my dreams, my personality and my character …


And then you came and you got a daisy field and a barren land.


Don’t deal with simple people. Remember eagles don’t fly.


Don’t look at him with hopeful eyes unless you have love to give to someone!


And then you understand. That no one is worth anything…


While you were grooming horses on the farm, we were grooming people.


Do not you understand? If the sky is the sun, I’m in the dark without you.


Don’t try to paint my eyes, my world is already colorful.


People who can’t sleep at night have pain that doesn’t fit into the day.


Shelter behind navy blue words, poetic sensualities.


People who cannot sleep at night have pain that does not fit into the day.


Once I fall, I get up twice. Everybody relax!


It’s not the deception of life that tears me down, but the forgery of people.


Every day we can’t spend together, I’m in a different life.


I’m not thinking of you, the nights I’ve been sleeping without you.


A letter between us would say, darling, ha, ha, ha, ha, you pushed.


We’il be wrapped in a shroud, let’s keep a secret in a grave, my love.


If characterlessness was fashion, you’d be a fashion guru with your followers.


People buried on your back, but you let me down.


If you’re always looking for love in beauty, don’t even dream of happiness.


If you wear a mask for a long time, you’il forget your personality.


The color of my eyes is standard, but my eyes vary according to the man.


I used to burn the worlds for now, not even a match.


Every person has problems. Laughs are only good players.


When I wanted to have an established order, it turned out I was very scattered!


No matter how much I forgot I saw him, everything was lying.


No meaning forgive that every child born without fucking could not do without this child.


When he left, he said to God, trust him! I already laughed who else?


If you have honey, your fly will be abundant, or if you don’t have honey, you will have a hand.


How many shots broke in my drunken heart. I couldn’t forget what I did.


It’s not the bitch of life that messes me up, it’s the fake people.


When you fall, it is not the one that is with you, but the one who reaches out for you. Keep in mind.


Come, I can’t come wherever you are. Come and look at myself in the mirror!


Now wake up dreaming, O rose! Fall from the seasons, time to action.


As long as the notebook is the same, what’s the point of opening a new page?


I couldn’t figure it out. Are they remotely away from men?


How many shots broke in my drunk heart. I couldn’t forget what I did.


Sometimes people are divided into two; Those with you, those with your mind.


No matter how many languages ​​you know, you won’t be able to tell your heart about abandonment.


You write loneliness and no one corrects it. That’s when you’re alone.


He’s not with you when he falls. Keep in mind.


If starting is half the finish, wrong starting is the whole mistake.


What poem did you escape from my heart in the middle of my heart?


When you fall, it is not the one that is with you, but is the one who reaches out for you. Keep in mind.


If you think one day will be over. Let it be today!


Sleepy eyes, the man you love, look at you became a writer.


I don’t know what you won, but I hope it’s worth losing me.


We hope that he will cure us again and again.


I don’t know what you won, but I hope it’s worth losing me.


Live as you please, but know that one day you will surely die.


Until yesterday, we were the kids waving to the plane, we became pilots!


You write “Loneliness da but no one corrects it. That’s when you’re alone.


Every one of them stole my heart to the places; There is a pain in every love!


I left my last word to you, what happens before the words of martyrdom.


And thank God. Delicate as dervish standing contemplation. Thin sore wound deep.


You can write “loneliness,” but you can’t fix it. That’s when you’re all alone.


Everyday innovation is a betrayal and insult to my traditions.


I never try to win the one that succeeds in losing me.


You know it’s enough to know that the person you love lives.


It is enough for you to know that the person you love even lives.


My words to tell you are over, like the youth I sacrificed.


Think wrong if you want, but in every case think of your own mind.


Don’t worry, it’s not pricey enough to take away my dignity.


Everyday innovation is a betrayal and insult to my traditions.


And thank God. It is delicate like a dervish standing contemplation.


Signs of sincerity are the words kept eyes the expression of honesty!


Lying, arrogance and stupidity, you’d collect them all.


Signs of sincerity are eyes, the words of honesty are kept words!


He wouldn’t go if he liked to leave. He came from someone else.


You say you can’t forgive me, but when you hear your name, your eyes are full.


I died so quietly that I was never understood many times.


The star in the sky is very moon one.


Believe in the eyes that cry for you, not the words that say I love you.


Now wake up dreaming, O rose! Autumn from the seasons, time is good.


Never fight women, even if you win the war, you will lose it.


I’ve died so quietly that I’ve never been understood.


Don’t love anyone who treats you like an ordinary person. Oscar Wilde


What you got? To the question, ”You lack! ”. Not what you know.


Shut up, my heart, and I know I miss you! Shut up so I don’t know I miss you!


Don’t be fooled that I’m standing innocent, but at dawn it’s dark, but I’m close.


You say you can’t forgive me, but when you hear your name, your eyes go out.


When people stop talking to you, they start talking after you.


Believe in the eyes that cry for you, not the words that say I love you.


Vedas are for lovers with their eyes. Because those who love the heart are inseparable.


Loving is sometimes giving up. According to some who go from others to self.


There are two kinds of injuries: Some from the knee, some from the bottom of the knee.


Loving is sometimes giving up. According to some who go, to others.


I forgot the number of vows I made to forget you; I could not forget you!


Crying is not something to be ashamed of if tears come from the heart.


The blood in my veins has stopped. You know, you just walked away and he put me in there.


If there is no smoke coming from the broken cigarette, don’t expect love from the broken heart.


Now I’m the last to finish, who knows who’s gonna start first.


Loving is sometimes giving up. According to some who go, according to others kend


You’re no match for your wife. You’re the flag bearer.


Hurted people are dangerous. They learned how to fight.


Sometimes people love it so badly, if it’s a lie, it’s a believer.


My lips are prison, my guard. I have dreams in life.


Maybe I was wrong, maybe I was wrong, but I wasn’t wrong.


What ships have we sunk in our hearts?


Crying is not something to be ashamed of, if tears come from the heart.


If they ask where you were at the time of the murder, you’il say ‘I was going’.


There are people you sometimes stop touching because you’re afraid to work.


Two things werehes people; Betrayal from your friend, compassion from your enemy!


If I had died, he might have cried. But if she cried, I’d die. Contact Özdemir directly


If we can’t find a hand to hold, we put our hands in our pockets and walk. No problem.


I’m not strong enough to live my dreams with you!


Your apologies are like the forgiveness of the executed man in ten minutes.


The truth is we’re not the people of our dreams.


If everybody said as much as they lost, who would have left the table last?


You are a world brand that comes to mind first when it comes to characterlessness and dishonesty.


It is the world’s greatest burden; His mind is to carry what you don’t have in your heart.


For people who know how to survive, losing is not a big deal.


You wrote your love on the clouds. Rain is falling out of my eyes.


You’re standing on your feet, but did you notice where you stepped?


I’m like a sateor bridge these days. From my heart and my eye to the falling.


They should make you a separate section as well as non-smoking areas.


The truth is that; we are not the people of our dreams.


If everybody said as much as they lost, who was the last one to leave the table?


You wrote your love on the clouds. Rain is falling out of my eyes.


Poetry is written from what you say, epic is written from what I say.


After my dreams buried alive. One out of my hopes of a stripped out.


“Shut up” my heart, I know I miss you! “Shut up” so that she doesn’t know that I miss!


The abandonment grows quickly, although the sadness falls to the remnant, the remorse is always for the sake of those who leave!


Your eyes were like going down to your childhood. Maybe that’s why I believed every table.


We’re not popular, we’re not popular, we’re not admired.


“Shut up” my heart, I know I miss you! “Shut up” so that she doesn’t know that I miss!


It is the world’s greatest burden; It’s wise to keep what you don’t have in your heart.


Your eyes were like going down to your childhood. Maybe that’s why I believed every tale.


You say I miss you. Did you just write a dry miss your burned heart.


You say I miss you. Did you miss just a dry burn of your heart.


Don’t break your trust if you expect fruit from a tree, if you expect love from people.


I’m obsessed with unnecessary details like you.


What do I have to lose in this gazelle eye world? Either you or nothing!


Loving is sometimes giving up. According to some who go, others according to yourself.


Not the one who leads you to unhappiness, but the one who prays for your happiness every day.


Love from a distance. It’s like a prisoner looking out the windows to FREEDOM…!


When people love you most, it’s when you’re most useful to them.


We also have nights; smoky eyes, bloody hands and punch marks on the wall.


Goodbye to my bread or you I love your wife now what poems I write to you.


You always misunderstood me; I said, “I will,” not “I will.”


I’m not going back to someone who’s not worth it. I’m going to give the animal the weed.


Where did you learn to pretend? You really have a very valuable teacher.


In this depressed world, I lost my sanity and took notes of assassination.


Goes more or less. The greatness of our reputation is the greatness of our friends.


I forgot the past reminder; I buried love in you hide in the ground!


I look at your eyes, and I cry, and I miss your eyes to cry.


I’m so tired. You don’t even have the feeling to feel anything about you anymore.


If you were yourself instead of my picture. If you were, you’d be my problem again.


I kept struggling to keep it from burning. I couldn’t get your love out of my heart.


Turns out you don’t see how much hurt you can see where you’re looking.


I write on my own. If it touches you, you’re turning around.


You say no, but when you hear your name, your eyes go out, boy.


Life never gave me a green light.


I Love You, I Love You Who Love You, I Love You As Much As I Love You


Isn’t it strange that the people we hurt the most are actually our favorite?


You go through things like that. The pain of living suppresses the pain of forgetting.


There is no fault of any season in this love, we are the only guilty of the love of suicide.


It’s a man’s honor. If they lie, that man is the forefront.


I call the poet who says you will be loved as much as you love; You dream a lot, master.


There was nothing I could do, and I did my best. I like it, that’s all.


The more we regret our acquaintance, the more we are afraid to meet new!


Instead of walking with everyone on the wrong way, walk alone on the right way.


You know the hardest thing? You’re going to learn to love and I’ll learn from others.


bekır to; It’s as meaningless as singing the most beautiful song in the world to anyone who has never heard of it.


Believe me, there is no such thing as love for friends, just feelings that have lost their way.


Maybe invoke the soul is something like love! Maybe being in love is the coming spirit.


The more we regretted the acquaintance, the more we were afraid to meet new!


If there are large shadows of small people somewhere, the sun is setting there.


The soul always knows how to heal itself. The main challenge is to silence the mind.


You destroyed my nerve endings, dear. I can’t love you anymore, even if I wanted to.


How many writers would you be a fox. When a lion roars, all jackals look for holes to escape.


I’m already offline. What life writes if it prevents me, what it says if it does not.


What I love is my enemy, I regret what I love. When I can be with you, I rebel against you.


You’re the most passionate love that I’ve never been bored of.


Spirit; He always knows how to heal himself. The main challenge is to silence the mind.


No matter how much you apologize, once the glass lantern is broken, you can’t pack it up.


Forty thousand times I’ve broken the mirror of sorrow. Fate puts the same in my face.


Dying is not a problem, but one day you come to my grave and put me up to put.


In the poets, like us, they actually poured their lives on paper and we poured them on the streets.


The land of mercy of hands, depraved homeless refugee in the palm of your hand, dear!


The hand is on you, the tongue is on you and the rose is on you. Every time you test you cry or laugh.


Is it hard to see love in the eyes? Or is love the only truth in your eyes?


What we call the doomsday, they roasted us in low heat until they were chopped and pinked.


I kept a bullet to you, a bullet to myself. As long as love does not hit us suddenly.


Dreaming is not money. When you’re destroyed, you know how heavy it is!


What I love, my enemy, what I love, I regret what I love.


No matter how rude the separation is, is it a little thing? Our world is not round.


“You have changed” they caII; No, I’m not accepting it! I just can’t stand longer.


I don’t know, dear. You looked so good in my eyes. I came to die not to love.


When you don’t have a word to say, it’s the only word on the lips, good! Lesson and shut up.


If you say how much you love; That’s it. The street as high as the ceiling and the bottom as hell.


Load all the gray clouds of your loneliness on my back. My body is destroyed after rain.


It’s like decorating a hearse, but to write your absence, no matter how beautiful it is, it carries death.


Even though you are as far away as a longing, you are as close to a breath as the half that adds life to my heart.


I’m on the horizon of the irrevocable evening, it’s too late. This is the last chapter, my life, no matter how late you pass.


This young man watches the stars in the dark nights, the heart of love does not go through the heart of the derby.


You know, one day you come to my grave, not to give a life, but you don’t want to stay and hug me.


I can’t love you coming back after years. Forget it, it’s all over, don’t wait for me!


Nowadays, I think of what happens to me somehow, and I wish it would come to me.


Sometimes I say; Tell me what will happen. Then I say; What happens when you tell me, shut up!


You’re an unnecessary oxygen consumer in the world. If you were fertilizer, you’d benefit more from humanity.


If you don’t want to say one day in the future, choose three things right! Your wife, your work, your friend.


I love you. The blood in my vein as it flows into my heart, the life of the absence of suicide.


O yar! I came to die with you. I came to freeze if you’re cold.


If a woman is thirsty with a lot to say, her silence can sometimes be deafening.


Let’s not believe the word of our ancestors? Aren’t you supposed to be out of my heart?


Never use your own and your own love. Because; love is a virgin.


Courage doesn’t necessarily roar. Sometimes when the day is over, I’ll try again softly tomorrow.


I’ve seen a lot of people who go with you. I always buried those who said so alone.


You’re my reflection, darling. If one of us had one thing, the other’s arm would bleed.


You think I’m your partner, okay? Let me finish when you say lice, let me return when you say!


No matter how smart people are, they’re actually stupid enough to fall for a word of the person they love.


When night appears darkest and eternal, daylight is the closest. Every night has a morning.


When people love you the most, it’s when you do their best. Charles Bukowski


If I’m standing with his neck bent, it’s not because I feel like it, but because it’s the ones that go from my heart.


We were a handful of Love-washed tears, and we fell from the eyes of the good-bye.


So sincerely that the deepest place in my heart; No interest, no interest, no interest… -Can Almighty


So sincerely that the deepest place in my heart; No interest, no interest, no interest… -Can Yücel


Your hands will tremble, your eyes will remain on the road, you will feel what I feel in my heart!


Do not make too long sentences I’ll take me next to the manita expression tenhada, pray manita next!


Go to the balcony and light another cigarette. In honor of the dreams that will not come true in pain eb


Watch a letter written years later. His envelope is deadly closed and will never be opened to me.


I don’t know; Can we even remember each other again? When we were both now.


Courage doesn’t necessarily roar. Sometimes, as the day ends, softly means, “I’ll try again tomorrow.”


Love should be as innocent as the word “mother” written on bunk beds of small bodies living in an orphanage.


It’s not the nightingale that constantly cries out the story of love. Ask the propellers who quietly died.


Silence is not an acceptance, but an answer. If people make short sentences, they have long fatigue.


People don’t even notice the daisies they crush under when they’re running after red roses.


It’s not the nightingale who constantly screams the story of love. Ask the propellers who quietly died.


I know your ears will ring again today, you will understand how I remember you again, that I miss you


Every time I think of you, a lighter comes out of my pocket and I draw a deep smoke into my lungs.


I have slaughtered happiness in everything that reminds you. Every smile is rainy now.


One of the biggest mistakes of man is to fill the wrong people at the right time. Charles Bukowski


We would do hours by biting our arm; as if he knew that time would hurt us when he was that small cık


Sometimes we have to give up what we want most to do the right thing. Even our dreams.


O life! You haven’t been off my back since childhood. Let me sip two sips!


I’ve got all the happiness I’ve slaughtered. Every laugh is like a rain with blood.


What do I have? What do I have? And in the first place, you’re never there. What if I had everything?


Although we don’t have any flaws in sight, bro… Behind the veins of our heart are dreams of life.


Don’t stop the shit. I said where it comes from. Then I looked at his face. I understand.


The joke aspect of life is over. The more easily you meet the requirements, the less pain you will suffer.


If it was rain, I’d have seen you through thousands of drops. Because I’m afraid. The soil doesn’t give back.


Go up to the bondage and light another cigarette. To the dignity of dreams that will not happen even if you suffer from pain…


We are sitting side by side; You have a voice when you get angry. My breaths I don’t get when I look at you!


The heart is left behind. Sad and half yarım A sad prayer in your language: You burned me, you burn, God.


Even the idea of ​​forgetting you, I hope to meet you in me. Even if there’s an escape from you, there’s no salvation.


My mother used to say, ‘You’re just a kid’ when you’re in love. So am I grown up now, Mom? ‘ crying into separation.


How many of you stare at naked bodies only in the eyes. If they did, you were supposedly in love.


Every day I’ve become more and more attracted to you. But I’m glad I forgot where I couldn’t forget you.


The master answers and adds “hate diye, whether love or hate; because it is not a fake.


Touch your skin? Housing! Enough of my eyes to melt into the eyes .. Come on my dreams; Let love for those who do not.


Hypocritical human manuscript. Isn’t it hard for you to make up and remove two faces every day?


People who love you will be strong enough to smile even when you cry, so that your loved ones will not be upset.


I’ve never been able to replace those who let people down. Now you see where it is in my eyes.


Apparently deceiving; because nothing is as it seems. The water that gives life today can drown you tomorrow.


My weakness is my silence. I don’t care after I’ve been with you.


You know why songs are called “tracks.” Some complete a missing part when needed.


You think you’ve made me laugh, Everything has a time.


I’il stay alone after you’re gone. I’m not afraid to stay alone, what if I feel like holding my hands?


If someone cheated on you, it’s his fault. If that person cheated on you many times, it’s your fault.


Man forgets everything he loves, but maybe he never forgets how he loves him.


For those who understand, keeping quiet is the best answer. Because if you force the susans to talk, it will be destroyed.


My sunshine for me, I come out of the darkness and put my gun on my waist is not a heavy brother account.


Sometimes you even say, “Wow!” How do I make a single vocabulary line of words to my heart.


He said what do you do? I said porter. He said how. I said I’d carry the heart of someone who knows how to hold it.


I’ve been to you. You wish for me. ‘I wish my boys insisted tonight’ cause she might like ‘maybe.’


People later understand the difference between the eye and the heart. But it’s too late.


You know what my only wrist is? You’re with me when I open my eyes.


Every thing we want, whether or not we know in life, is to say “Alhamdulillah Biz to what is happening, Biz Thank you a to those who are not.


In my sorrows and pains, I am happy to think of you, you are my god and I am proud of it…


It was the only way to end yourself in my eyes, you hated me and threw yourself off my bridge.


You’re like the last stone you’ve ever expected. I know you don’t come waiting, don’t come, because if you do, I’m done.


You wrap my wounds where no one is good, then you bleed where no one can touch.


“Betrayal in you are wearing on it again .. Didn’t I tell you not to be so stylish that you are ays disrespectful her in every case.


Even if your love fades away, the stars are yours! Because to love someone is to know and love the world with her eyes!


Stay with your name, and then the damned expatriate .. Forgive me .. It’s too early to lose, too late to love!


Act as you wish, but always in your mind that you will surely see what you do.


If someone asks where you were when your boyfriend died. When you’re alive and dying, you’il always say I was in your heart.


Do not forgive those who know you will be upset. They deliberately oppress the weak, deserve to be crushed.


The important thing is to be able to give hope to others by burying your own pain in your heart while you are crying blood.


Let me fall to the ground a hundred times; I won’t be a trip to others. I want to be human, not a winner.


There is no point in saying that if it is time to go, say stop, say return if time has passed, and say again if love is over.


It was as easy as closing the window when we were cold, I wish we could close our hearts to that person when we realized that we were not loved.


They call me “Where are you from?” I’m pointing you and saying, “I’m in.” They call you ‘Where are you from?’ You’re not even “in”.


As you fall, never forget two things: who pushed you and who did not hold you. He’il need it when he gets up again.


I’m not a captain. This ship sinks before it gets up.


In fact, people do not disappoint you. You’re just dreaming about the wrong people. Montaigne


In the pupils, I see someone else instead of myself; How could you even be so innocent when you were lying?


You can’t explain the things that make you spend a whole night sleepless. First you throw it in, then you shut up.


Don’t lie because your appearance doesn’t matter. If you love the ladybug, so love the cockroach.


Don’t believe that a lover you worship like you worship will love you. Nobody believes that they are loved more than Allah.


If it was a poison, I’d drink it from my hands, if it was a lie, I’d go away from my hatred, my hands with love, and my heart.


I was in pain after you, but there was something you forgot. Not every pain I’ve suffered is killing me inside me.


I cried but I didn’t shout, I screamed, but I didn’t rebel, I was desperate, I never gave up, I didn’t go without you.


Even though it’s harder to be defeated than you, I’m leaving you with a lot of Ard maybe er behind me.


Whether you are there or not is not clear in my life, I would join you in the competition rather than love, I would do among the lovers.


I have love, mountains cannot know, I have love, no one can get their mind, and you have one or one in the world no one can love


Are you asking me if you like loneliness? I say; ‘I drink even two sugars of tea, so that they can melt together’.


It was a shame to ask a young man who drinks two sugars of tea to ask if he likes solitude, to ask if he loves me.


I have love, mountains cannot know, love has no one’s mind, you have one or one can not love in the world like this.


Know that when you say to God, you have no one but him. Loneliness is normal where there is no thankfulness.


So come out and say, “Every time I look, it’s like I’ve seen it for the first time, almost as if I’m dying …”


This is the order: The woman cries, the man looks .. The woman hears, the man does not hear .. The woman asks, the man thirsts .. The woman goes, the man drinks ..


The lad is neither hack racon nor kill man nor tribute. It’s time to take bread to your house when you’re young.


I’m giving up now, I’m living a beautiful life. And I don’t care about that three-day Earth, five-cent people.


To be happy, never, but, but, if only, do not say it does not matter. Not always for others, but for yourself.


If you live compared to others, how many cents are important. If you live by your values, it is important what kind of posture you have.


Even if life is drawn in ways, you will choose one of these ways, even if there is death on the path you choose, you will salute and pass.


Don’t fondle my head! Don’t try to ease the pain of me sailing towards other lovers! Don’t cheat yourself!


If it is time to go, say ‘stop’; If it is time to say ‘return’; And if love is over, there is no point in saying ‘again’.


Even if you do not meet the lover in your dream, you step on your bosom and let yourself know that you’ve lived enough to console yourself.


People are left behind behind the extracts of the hands of the hands of the inaccessible and always inaccessible love is always!


“Blind deaf and dumb, they go in the desert, deaf dying, how does the dumb slave tell the deaf is dead? That’s what loving you is.


Roses and laughing children on earth cry out that the old and sinful world is still pregnant with hopes and beauties.


I hear they’re going to give you this year’s lowest prize this year.


Actually, I’m hidden in what I keep more than what I say. Better to listen to what I’m talking about than I’m talking about.


Shape me, crush me, don’t mess with you too much, man doesn’t make you back, I always go forward, crush you.


If Noah’s ship were to remain again, he wouldn’t have let you into his ship as an animal. Because he couldn’t even find a wife to mate with you.


Our cotton-laden feelings remained in the sunny streets, now we are removing the cotton-laden feelings in the dark streets.


I live as fast as a bullet.


Honey I can’t be without a smile drawn on your way, I’ll get in your way every time I sleep with your dream on my cold nights.


Now shoot yourself. In the last verse of a forgotten poem, order a song that is left unfinished. This is how the city dies.


You don’t always laugh when you’re at the height of happiness, sometimes you’ll smile even when you’re on the edge of the cliff just to be a bitter.


Sometimes you write to him, you write to him .. You write to him .. He never reads one, but you tell them all.


We didn’t take love from socialite places, dear. We took love from our ancestor. We saw it from our father, adapted it to ourselves, showed it to you.


The distance of the roads wouldn’t matter to the loving heart. If you’re making fake reasons, come back. For a love that’s not worth the trouble.


When you run away from food to the throat, get halal in your life by hitting your back. Not the ones who forbid happiness and shot you in the back.


One last leaf in your branch is to live and resist the rebellious wind. Even if the storm koparken stubborn to everything is to laugh.


You can go or you can forget me. But if you pretend I don’t exist, I’ll pretend you’re not! You squirm.


Just as a person lives his joy to the bottom, so does his pain. What is the meaning of life after the bit hit the emotions.


If you think you’re suffering, look at the kids trying to grow up without a mother and father. Don’t be ungrateful to God, thank you, son.


Then you light a cigarette. You’re watching the sky. You’re still all right, you’re just wasting yourself.


When the food escaped to the throat, “halal,” you get the hit in your life. Not the ones who forbid happiness and shot you in the back.


Rain rained the heads of the people and the heads of the ears. So if we can’t meet in the summer, we’il meet in the cold of the winter.


Smart people discuss new ideas. Normal people discuss the results. Small people argue about other people.


They say 3 Every man has 3 women bayan in the world. A man should fit three ladies into his heart. “Mother, Wife and Daughter”.


It leaves me the most mature to be abandoned. Now it’s such a callus that my heart doesn’t tell me if all the people leave.


Is it a heart that says “love” or “lonely”? What is love? Is it a candle fire or touch a burning fire?


If one day you forget me, you know that my gun is not in my hand anymore, but it is empty, because the bullet has already arrived in my brain.


Love can’t be stingy, love. As soon as love grows with love, darling. Unless you’re devoted to the one who loves you, unfortunately it’s not love, love.


Never break someone’s hope, maybe it’s all they have. My experience in life is the sum of the stakes I eat.


They used to say beautiful as love when they were children, as if they were kept flying.


To be a last leaf in your branch is to live and resist the rebellious wind. Even if the storm koparken is able to laugh full of mouth stubborn to everything.


I miss you even with you, vuslat or longing, you name it, you burn with your love, love, hate, language, you name it.


Don’t you know that my eyes do not live without reason, lips do not dry for no reason, unless there is a problem in the heart, no one will turn yellow.


If you have found a heart that loves you enough to give up your dreams, ask Allah for a new life. Because a lifetime isn’t enough to love him.


They always broke our loving hearts because there is no bone, it gets better. We put our love into the grave and threw earth on it.


It’s not worthy of me to die of pain, your punishment will be heavier. You will see my happiness from the world and gradually decrease from this world.


The eyes are the mirror of the heart For those who know love. If you give the world to those who cannot understand love, you will not find love in such beauty.


Do you not know that my eyes do not live without reason, lips do not dry for no reason, unless there is a worry in the heart of anyone’s yellowing and fading.


I couldn’t get used to the end of a day that begins with your absence ayd If you were with me half as much as I had in mind, I wouldn’t be without you at all…


Don’t you know that my eyes do not live for no reason, lips do not dry for no reason, no one will turn yellow and fade unless there is a worry in the heart.


I wish there was no such helplessness! There is no living creature as empty as a human being. I wish I’d rather die.


You find someone who laughs like me, cries like me, feels sorry like me, but you know someone who loves me.


There’s no such thing as failure, not enough trials. Don’t forget that every young successful man has a maternal woman behind him.


You don’t have the guts to swear. I say spit in your face, no face, you won’t even touch my spit.


Even if coffee has been for forty years, has there been a sacrifice of love? I will burn the world to your smile, if you cry, I will blow the universe.


Those who look in the eyes saying I love you will look at your first hip when you turn around. Now everyone’s love is fake, everything is now on sex!


It must be like the pure love of an orphan’s mother for unrequited love. By giving up, resisting, fighting, making sacrifices.


If there’s one thing I’m guilty of, it’s my poems I wrote for you. Hang me if you want me. My heart always belongs to you.


A beautiful rose is a beautiful night everyone wants a nice friend. The important thing is to love the night with mystery and friendly with all the trouble with rose thorns.


Take good care of the people on the ladder where you climb up with the lies you’ve fooled into, and you’ll meet them as you go down.


Looks like we cared too much for you. You’re a clown, now you think you’re an emperor. But you’il soon understand. Very, very wrong.


If there is no one in the world who values ​​the mind, the money of the less wise, so bring the raki from here, let our mind: Maybe this is how we like us!


I have no dreams. I gave up on the day I said goodbye. No matter how far the medicine goes, it can’t cure the arteries.


You can leave my hands today and run for someone else. But when he comes and puts your hands away, you’re only gonna find your place under my feet.


If it’s raining for us, watch out for the love you carry at your bedside. Once in a storm, you will never find such a love in your life


In our youth, even with the wind. Now we can’t resist the breeze breeze. It turns out we’ve been tired for years and we didn’t understand.


Children do not tell the fairy tale, frog waiting you become virtual, our love is always real, we love like a lad we watch heavy brothers.


Let every young man listen to my words. Do not cut more than racon my name is heavy brother, there are shapes cut your voice in the realm. Listen to us.


I should have never smoked, but now I’ve got cigarettes in three packs a day. You’re the fire at the end of my cigarette! Let it be my sea eyes, whatever it will be…


Love is not necessarily to shed blood if you say I do not cut my jugular vein for you, if you say be your smile I love you under the ground


We do not understand socialite love, vascular words are glorifying us, take these words to you, let it be the lesson, the hatred of this love did not cover you.


I wrote your name on my cigarette today, and I thought I’d forget you when my cigarette ran out. How did I know that I would draw you in every cold and tie you up?


Love is too innocent to be sinful, too free to be slaves, too deep to be forgotten, too close to be expected, too special to live alone


My silence is from the earth, my anger from the storm. My love is as deep as earth, and my hatred destroys everything like a storm.


I’d like to tell you about humanity. But you’re not even a waste of time. Then they say; Why do you swear so much?


We built the place with the chiefs, we spent these roads with the uncles and dived into the realm with the punks. We made a shape with young men, we are heavy brothers, we love everyone.


You were the only one left to lose in my life, in fact you were the life and the rest was not lost. Only lies are gone, true love remains, dear.


With the longing lost in solitude, I became brighter than the star in the sky in need of love. If someone wishes me, I fall into the palm of my hand .. !!


Bad people consist of a few letters and are limited. Good people are a big alphabet. They’re the people you can find whatever you’re looking for.


You look like a drug. You’re both addictive, but the only difference is that you’re in that vein, you’re in my heart and you don’t get out.


There are lies that you tell me and look me in the eye and never get bored. I admire your crazy courage while you tell them to me.


If you’re gonna be a book, don’t be a fairy tale book. Be a biography, let me understand as I read, I love as I understand, I love to be in love, I can not give up as long as you are in love.


Bullet live as fast as the sound, but it is difficult to keep the bullet in the air, love in the heart, although there are no heartbreaking differences to forget friends in our book.


We learned in prisons tying, the wires tell you my love for you, I made you a song between four walls, the name of the song; this life should not be without you.


If you’re giving hope to someone, you’il know that when you get it, you get it with hope. Remember, hope runs out but oh never runs out. He’il poison you until he dies.


All of my sins, tears flowed into me I did not show, life stepped on me did not make my voice. I’m hungry, I’m thirsty, I’m not burned as much as I’m burning you.


You’re my right and wrong. You’re a repentant sin. You’re the one I’ve made the most clear. You’re the idiot I’m attracted to.


The sky cries for me, my eyes desperately looking for YOU, my lips deliriously calling YOUR name, my arms wanting to wrap YOU, and my LOVE beating my heart for YOU


You starved me so much in love that I made my own feelings additive in your absence. Now I’m a weird way to love, my stop is unclear, I don’t know where to go.


Is it the night that makes people sad or is it human waiting for the night to be sad? Is it the night that makes you think, or am I waiting for the night to think about you?


The worst thing is that when I say I’m alone, there’s no one who says no, you’re not alone. That’s when you realize you’re really lonely, not for the sake of it.


Never mind the remarks of those who look at you from afar. You know the pain you’ve suffered, you hear the lament. But those who love love understands that you suffer,


If the people to be loved and the so-called people to be beaten in a queue, you can’t even be in the category of people to be beaten. We will consider you out of the category.


It’s time to find and stop the leaking place as life runs out, rather than fear that I can’t live life. What’s the point of breathing if you’re not going to live the moment you’re in?


You’re beautiful, you’re cute, you’re the only excuse for my ordeal. An angel? The devil? I don’t know what you are. Whether you’re trapped, I love you or not.


You know what I’m going through my mind from time to time? I wonder if they put you in a box and send you as a sample to scientists.


Raise your head, look at the sky, approaching love clouds have taken their load. Put the umbrella down and let it fall. There is no other way to miss this opportunity to live without love.


It is the one who is there when the family falls, but instead of holding it to get up, it gives you courage. Because every family knows that instead of giving the child a fish, they should teach them how to fish.


Love can find you. He can stay away. It’s sincere. He can put distance. That’s how it hits. It may seem irrelevant. He can set traps when you say he brings it to you.


What I wanted to do. Nor poop myself. I worked hard to go or stay. Both of them are the same pain and disgrace. I’ve been there before, but not by staying like this.


What I wanted to do. Nor poop myself. I worked hard to go or stay. They’re the same pain, they’re disgraceful. I’ve been there before, but not by staying like this.


I don’t share my thoughts to change other people’s minds. I share my thoughts with people who think like me to let them know that they are not pekguzelsozler.Com alone.


Poets write poems, painters make pictures and we poets sing folk songs. So, why are we doing all this? So that the world will return from love and happiness, not from habit.


All of our collapse, the entrusting of what we have thrown into us for years. You think it’s over when you get in trouble, dude? But as they are shared, weeping, screaming, trouble goes from heart to heart.


It’s the classic word of the little hearted who can’t imagine the size of the universe, I love you as much as the worlds. Trying to say how much you love how little you love it unintentionally.


I should’ve never smoked, so now I’ve got three packs a day. You’re the fire at the end of my cigarette! Let me be a sea eye, whatever it is … Who burns you, who knows where you are cold.


I envied the rain because I touched you, I got angry at the wind I stole your smell I fell down on my fate I loved you only one night because I sent you to my dreams. Do not trust people they die, do not lean to tree they get dry.


Do you know how to be alone in public? That’s how loneliness is. Even when you’re full, you’re an orphan, helpless, alone. Nobody pity you, nobody hires you, so you can drop them.


A loving person is a person who exhausts himself for someone else but does not want anyone to get tired for himself. Good people always want to give but not take. Know the value of good people. It is goodness to save the world.


We were tired young men of the lost city. We would drink in the streets that smelled of urine and dive into the sorrow. We grew up without love, we searched for love. Our weirdness, our loneliness, our embarrassment is always our own harm.


You and I are not separate. We’re part of a whole. But as long as we love, we can stay in one piece. Think of a jewel, the more valuable it is as a single piece, the more valuable it is when people unite and become one piece.


You’re longing for the voice I’ve longed for. I longed for my longing to look at you. You’re born to my fortune. You can’t. I hate my hate my anger my joy my hope my dream my dream my dream but you are the one who makes the most cry kanat You are impossible to describe.


Everybody loves a thornless flower. The important thing is to give the flower the value it deserves despite its spines. People are like roses. Everyone has a defect, a deficiency, a short thorn. The only way to save and love people is to accept people with the good and the bad.


My mother used to say it was good to cry when she was little. When we cry, our eyes are cleaned and refreshed. Don’t look at those who say men don’t cry. Straight men cry, loving men cry. Crying is the most normal reaction of a person, and only people who do not feel tear do not shed.


We didn’t go on the roads to get a job. We have no r beautiful never went back gear. Greetings to the lovers, farewell to the outgoing, both love and outgoing s.Ktir pulled. We didn’t give up our hearts for two-time loves. We made loneliness on our quilts, we looked for the peace of dry bread additive in the dark nights.


Life is like Mount Everest. From the outside it looks easy. When it starts, you don’t get tired easily, and then it’s hard to breathe. You start to face difficulties and try to overcome. Those who graduate from this life test are the only ones who see the summit. The rest died without seeing the summit.


Most women in the world’s population are correct. Every man has at least 3 women. You should start by claiming only three women. Anan, half and sister! These three beautiful people are the most valuable women in your life. Women is the ancestor of humanity, producing, loving, educating that respect for women, that is why it is superior to men.


If you can’t breathe in pain, come on, dear heyben. My shores, where you will find peace, are yours. If your hopes do not find solar dries or water, let me water with you, my tears are yours. If your wing is broken and you can’t fly to blue, what’s your day? If you do not find hope for helpless ordeals, my prayers are yours. Mevlana