What a disdain to be! Take your head up and look at it; No matter how high the tree, the fate of the leaves fall to the ground.

There are more dangerous games than the human mind can take. Some arm, some leg, some eye, some humanity is losing.

In some cases there is no need to mention much. People carry their identities in their pockets and their characters in their hearts. Both have a certain weight and price.

The most knowledgeable person in the world is not the most intelligent person. What is important and what purpose is the information used.

It’s not that easy to get a flat cane out of a trapezoid. So one has to stand behind what he says first. He must not deceive anyone else with words he cannot keep.

You see the birds on the hill, they flew away. Look at the hill again, there’s no reduction or surplus on that hill.

Are you an observer good enough to understand how a person laughs and what character he has? People you don’t know can lead you to happiness you never knew.

You want to clarify everything? Only one word will explain everything, why don’t you dare?

Thoughts are like flowers, the flowers collected at dawn are the ones that remain fresh for the longest time. Those who think that it is beautiful in the branch of flowers, those who managed to remain pure in this world.

If you take care of a starving dying animal and feed it, it will never attack you. He puts his life out to protect you. This is the difference between man and animal.

Do you know what life is like? One-quarter of the moments we had a good time, the rest of those moments to remember.

Which tree excludes the other as ‘curved leaves’? Which fish forbids another to swim differently? Man is the only being who thinks he knows everything and will never know himself.

If a woman is crying as if her eyes are going to dislodge, the tears of her will be the signature of the man who made her cry.

You can’t make it clear with words you think you know most things you feel. You usually prefer the word that has the closest meaning, but the word you’re looking for is actually different.

One word is enough to smash the heart, but neither an apology nor a life is enough to restore the shattered heart.

Some people have to heal themselves when they are injured. They can’t tell anyone they need help, because neediness is a chain.

You’re mad at you for not seeing people’s real faces. However, their true faces are always indigenous. Isn’t that the way you look and how you see it?

Some people never understand what they’re going through, how they live. But if you really want to live, you have to die several times.

It is very difficult for people living in their own minds to start a relationship with someone else, to live with someone else. The world is as big as one’s mind.

The people who claim to be the cleanest person in the universe are actually capable of deceiving even the devil. If a person is really pure, he doesn’t want to say it.

You think you’il always be the same. Almost all people change. Mostly they become what they say they will never turn into.

If a person does not say, im I will never forgive you ”, there will be a secret gizli I will never forget you içinde in this sentence.

If you’re too honest, you’re in love enough, you have pure love, you’re not afraid of anything but yourself, you’re all right. Now you’re ready to be unhappy.

Why do you care so much about what other people think of you? I didn’t care about them and I managed to extend my life for another five years.

If you are entering a tunnel, you must be prepared for the results you may encounter. The light approaching you from the end of the tunnel may be the light of a truck, not the hope.