The mind of the mind is on the ground.

I kiss you through the eyes looking like the sky.

If our business is up to God.

Whatever you look at, he looks at you.

Few of the longing is heavy, not the most!

It’s my friend who’s with me when I’m not running.

You laughed once, where did it come from?

If you’re cold, tell me darling, let me love you one more time.

They think to be side by side to love.

I can’t afford to shut it down whenever it comes from you.

A good tree does not remain without shadow.

If your burden is honest, your power might fall, but your head won’t.

The two most powerful fighters are patience and time.

He must have a friend that not everyone can talk about laughing.

You love me so you’re half ashamed.

sinema haberleri

You can’t erase things at once. You’ll scrub.

The thing that tears you down the most is good intentions.

You’re the first time I’ve run into anyone else.

Fidelity is a very heavy burden. Not all people can carry it.

Everyone lives at the same time, but everyone’s darkness is different.

What you love is what it sounds like.

The pain does not hang in the air, it falls to the head of the puller.

I’m sorry to agree, but I’m convicted.

Crying is telling tears what lips can’t say.

You’re not my heart.

Aside from expensive perfumes, people should smell confidence.

My days without you don’t crash, darling.

What saddened the beautiful people with their hearts for their beautiful people.

Ornamental! If you don’t know about me, don’t have an idea.

If you don’t finish the sentence yourself, someone else will put the point.

The quality person deals with the job, the empty person.

From the heaviest exam, the purest passes, pays.

The first language one should learn is the sweet language.

Tales, Colonel. They’re the only happy ending in this world.

Write my friend! Isn’t a man who loves good?

I’d say a knife if they weren’t saying craving.

What is a blood bond after a life bond.

You don’t have to be a bird to fly. Just enough little joy.

You’re the sweetest carpet in which a dream becomes a reality.

There is an iftar of hunger and thirst. You don’t have an iftar for a heartbreak.

Writing memories is to save something from the hands of death.

Pay attention to whom you have given the most precious gift in life.

I never sacrificed any letter to a sentence without you.

Not every worry is told to people. The day comes, those troubles will shoot you.

Calculation of a broken heart is heavy for this world.

Don’t worry, they’re gonna dig the last time you’re in the coffin. Mevlana

I don’t think I’m tired of loving me.

Let go of those who want to accompany your life.

Hell is where love ends in the human heart.

Everyone lives at the same time, but everyone’s darkness is different.

Everything you do with your heart will come back to you.

Be a good person, but don’t waste time proving you’re a good person.

Say God and shut up! Nothing else is worth saying.

Let go of those who want to accompany your life.

When you smile, all the pain comes in.

Without anyone to be spoiled, life turns you into a big man.

Don’t hurt anyone so much that they won’t let you pray.

Like Tahir, for example, I apologize for not coming before.

We are tired of the constant, not the severe pain.

flight of the bumblebee