Regardless of the color of our face and eyes, the color of our tears is the same

If our work remained to the Lord, know.

If you can’t end the sentence you start dealing with commas, someone else puts the point!

If you book your heart; writing and drawing is also very tear.

Not when I’m running, it’s my friend who lifts me when I fall!

Occasionally one should look in the mirror; Should I ask the question of whether I am beautiful or not?

If you want to change the world, you have to start the first change. A person who cannot change himself cannot change anything.

There are people who will not look at you on the Day of Resurrection, though angel.

In billions of galaxies, trillions of stars, you’re just as much sand as the sea. Most of the universe didn’t know it existed, and it won’t happen. So just enjoy life.

What makes life meaningful is not only to survive, to touch the lives of others, but also to keep them alive.

One is born innocent and gets dirty as he grows up, starts wearing different masks in every environment, to protect himself or to gain interest. But life with a mask only brings false and temporary happiness.

Time is most necessary for a person who seeks the meaning of his life. Because life is hidden in every moment we live and our search for meaning continues until it dies.

The more difficult and difficult it is to have something, the easier and painful it is to lose it.

We get angry and rebel against the bad things that happened to us. However, these bad events strengthen our defense mechanism and lead us to better protect ourselves against the challenges of life.

People who think that the world only revolves around themselves are not aware that they actually revolve around the vortex of arrogance.

Love until the end of your life, not until your interest is over.

You only think of yourself when you erase the person you no longer tolerate.

There’s no city I want to go to. But this is not the place I want to breathe.

The distance is not on the roads. It’s only between two hearts.

If it was you, I’d wash all the walls I built with my hands. But you’re not worth it.