How will this work?

You can’t win unless you play.

Facing the goalkeeper…

I’il shut up if I hear you.

Na-available (Not Available) If I said I needed you.

The world grew and polluted… Reading is to fly to freedom.

Because you’re snow in the desert. Candid or help? A sentimental, a callous.

Don’t say it happens over time. It doesn’t forget time, it numbs.

Sevin. Love is the most beautiful action. Death, let’s get back together.

But you were to me, I to you. I need the city where you are.

I’m waiting where the word ends.

Don’t ever go so you don’t have to.

Do it today or regret it tomorrow!

Silence falling on you! Shut up! First the dreams die, then the human.

Which of us didn’t like crazy? He doesn’t write, never, never. You always win, O non-solution.

And the love; As much as Byzantine k * hpe artık No one’s gonna have a wound?

have to kiss your hand in the palm of your hand. Because I broke my hair ends!

I think you’re like everybody else now. Don’t be afraid if you’re right!

Right protects you. I’m not attracted to an ordinary life.

Destiny is not sold so we can get the best.

Kiss me on the forehead so your name will be written there.

Be a little realistic! I’m impossible …

We’ve spoiled unnecessary people too much.

The feeling of running away from everything, everyone. I went to shoot who,

I’ll be right back. Okay, okay, you can call me by name.

What should the light do to the blind eye?

If you can’t claim, someone else will. What distance?