Man with head thrown legs donkey.

This plum, no other plum.

The new city of Turkey? Nevsehir.

The last laugher is the latest.

A man is flat on a sunburned moon .

Hide hay, keep the cows hungry.

I drink seven days you drink fifteen days.

Divine Grim Reaper. You kill the man.

Who made the first flag on the moon? Answer: Tailor.

What do you call Ton? Washington!

Dude, are you a test tube? You’re leaking gas.

I went to shoot, and I’il be right back.

I drove the other day, Leonardo da Vinci.

If shit was gold, the poor would be born without ass.


What’s a guy walking on snow? Nightmare.

Let me make you a hair, you put your hair.

Some guy said I was gonna die tomorrow. The splits are dead.

What is an uncooked burger? Hamburger.

He said ten minutes in the cinema, I called, I didn’t call.

Are you hungry? No, we have sweet blood.

Let’s play a game. I gave up, let’s play without carving!

The stinky arms of a man’s feet are lignite.

I named my son a mobster, now I’m a mobster!

What’s an elephant in space? Elephant in the blanks!

Looks like they pulled the chair when your character was going to sit.

They said Funda Arar, but he hasn’t called yet.

Why did you give me 50, sir? Who’s your word, boy?

We’ve got an X-ray film, soon in theaters


Where do you find the most donkey? Of course in the SPA center.

The other day I turned a taxi; still spinning!

One does not come out and say: Why red lentils orange?

Which cover is not used on the table? Flora.

You want to make 5 million a month? Yeah. Then go to the moon.

What’s wrong with the French? “FRAN” of course!

Actually, I have a very intelligent person in me, and there is the problem.

Don’t say melon because the password isn’t melon!

I cannot listen to music while studying, the course distracts me.

I’m gonna get an iphone. 6 or 7? That’s enough, blood.

Good thing we weren’t born in Italy! Why is that? Because we don’t speak Italian!

My book is at home because she doesn’t have a husband!

Question: Which is the fastest number? Answer: 10. Because he has a car!

What is the future time to steal? Go to jail.


3 Japanese jumped off the plane. The Japanese are dead, and the line is broken!

Edison found the light bulb, but why are we paying for it?

Do not stop on the step, the automatic door slams, splits, takes the square root.

Some people like the empty apartment. I’m coming up and laying.

Would you please pass the salt? Tuuuuuuuuuuuuz Go to the table, you retard.

Question: What happens if you open the fire cabinet? Answer: Yang gets angry.

After birth I gained a lot of weight. I was two pounds when I was born, now 62.

Brother, what’s your car? Made in Germany! Ours was also air conditioned!

Okeyde I told the girl how to do your hand. He said nail polish. I’m in shock. O Migrosa

Go ‘bee’ and let’s sing a little song. Brother bee stings!

For example, in the Ottoman Empire, you couldn’t pay any debts to anyone, you were paying coins and coins öd

There are guys like sperm, they’re one-in-a-million.

Question: Why can’t Teoman drive? Answer: Because it was seventeen.

I gave up a table for 4 people, I gave up, I bought an impersonal table!

zoom h6

Question: What happens when life does not come out of the body? Answer: He is late for the next lesson.

Good afternoon, may I speak to the original? He’s not home! There’s a copy!

He had a cold for seven days. He said he’d be bored today with Petek.

Tarkan: Who did Kurt Kurt: pile pile pile Tarkan: Hain Kostok

My ears were not kept. Then I’il rent it out!

What is the difference between scales and toothpaste? One is tartar and the other is anti-tartar.

I saw the girl in the hands of the visually impaired selfie stick amk.

Look, ma’am, I’m a little upside down. Did I come with my black horse?

We forgot to take my father to the sahur, he says to my mother what is missing at the table?

What are you doing? I’m on the phone. Does your phone speak?

Bartender: “The gentleman didn’t run out of lemon.

Do not sprinkle sugar on a hamster, “Oh! What a sweet Hamster! Ey

Do you know? Even if you don’t know how to swim and swim, you won’t sink because your type is a boat!

Dude, you studied meteorology, right? Yeah. Look at who this girl’s mood is.

This isn’t on the phone like that, let’s meet face to face Okay, so I’m calling you on video.

Why don’t I have a brother, Dad? When we saw you, we didn’t dare the second.

Brother, they scanned 50 people. Come on, where is it? Barbershop across the street Market

I took the armpit spray and sprayed it under all the seats in the house like ohh miss.

What is this cold or cigarette butt stuck to my lip, I walk around like a public spot aq.

Bat is a useful animal. They’d say it wouldn’t work without a useful animal.

Did I tell you I love you very much? No. Because I do not like. I would tell you.

I have two teeth charge, what do you mean, garlic instead of lan battery?

You’re as smart as you are beautiful. I’m not cocky. I told you as well as you were beautiful.

My left eye fell into the taxi driver’s lap as he tried to secretly look at the taximeter.

In principle, I don’t like cold weather or cold people. They both make me sick.

If you eat sweet and talk sweet; after that we will eat ravioli and talk sensibly.

Which flower can be worn on the head and washed? Answer: Basil of course…

I got the iphone seven in my hand and I get the smell of the burn I hope, my hand is on fire.

What’s the difference between a meatball and a meatball? Answer: One is made from ground beef and the other is made from beef.

The other day we were eating potatoes in the oven with friends, the oven came hot and we went to the garden?

Why is the black woman always putting on makeup looking at her arm? Because there’s a mirror in the police station!

When I get angry, I slowly drop the phone and throw myself into the wall.

It wouldn’t be like this if I listened to my father. What did your father say? I’m telling you, didn’t you?

Would you like dessert, sir? What are the options? Yes or no. Or I say.

I’m a guy walking across the street just to make sure the dog doesn’t get scared. Nobody hurts me.

A man will commit suicide, give up. Two men would commit suicide, were past!

My love, I got you a present. But I can’t accept it is too expensive. Give me then. But my love. Give it to me!

When I get angry, I take the phone booth out and hit it against the wall, and we’re poor and not stupid.

Yunus Emre, who says the goods and lies are also lying property was good if they did not put 200 TL behind the bill.

In our friends’ environment, money can’t be said. Why? Because none of us have money.

Will you go out with me? I have no word. Okay, here’s my software, we’il work together.

The neighbor’s son is sharing better than you. Mom, leave me alone here: D

If there’s a woman behind every successful man, does that mean more women, more success?

You come to me one step, I give you one, not two, not three, not four full jars of honey 100 TL.

Burning mouth, waiting for milk to cool. There’s no need to magnify the case, and it has nothing to do with yogurt.

My father said, “bring your appreciation, I’m going to renew your computer,” and I did. He came and hit F5 and left.

I’m rich, and I’m not helping a friendly relative again. We’re not one of those who change when we find the money.

Good boy. You bought a car. Yes we bought it. So why did you buy a car? You should have taken it.

If I walk 1 hour, 5 km. By the way, if I smoke 2 cigarettes, 75 cents. I’m burning 75 cents for 15 cents a mile.

The real estate agent showed a house, if you go to the door of the apartment quickly, you’re eating, there are six magma …

Are you too Brutus? What did I do this time? I’m telling you, the key to the quiet house, you have? I’m sorry, take it.

Only gentleman, we don’t smoke here. Do not drink is already very harmful. I’m gonna quit soon.

I’ve decided I’m going to buy a gift for our elevator on February 14th. We’ve been dating for 10 years, and we never broke each other.

People are divided into 2; 1. I’m going to squeeze my head. 2. Those who say fuck your head anyway.

Do you like football? Love it. Then you’re one step ahead. But then it’s offside. Get up, we’re getting married!

How about a movie? I say cinema, you? I call it Cinema. What a lot we have in common.

Wish you did not have a cigarette burns happiness. Brother Parliament is 14 TL. Then we wish only happiness.

Question: Why do people wake up by pouring water on their heads? Answer: Because water has buoyancy.

My ex-boyfriend texted me, ‘I understand that I love you more than I think.’

Yacht said I slept hungry he said I opened it took a very painful very pulled wing for the first time in my life pulled my teeth.

If I had saved my phone in normal life so I didn’t run out of charge, I would have turned the corner.

Son, let me ask you something. Ask, Dad. Why do you refresh the desk when I come, you fucking motherfucker?

I would like to congratulate the young man who said im if we wanted to walk, we would not have taken the bus ”.

Either you’ll be mine or black soil! Kız The girl I said married a brunette boy named earth. I already told you.

I wonder when I wake up in the middle of the dream, the characters in my dream, “Anaaaa man disappeared gone, man,” he is surprised?

Do you have a foreign language? I’ve known him since I was born, no stranger. Okay, we’il call you.

Do not laugh. Why is that? They see me, they fall in love or something. Bring your teeth yellowed.

The girl in the horror movie: take a look at the sound from that downstairs while the power is off, flashing at the lightning. I am silly.

70-year-old aunt out of the marriage program, what was the sir did not get electricity. You pray, you breathe, TEYZEEEEE…

Dude, do you have more cigarettes? Did you ever drink water from a broken glass? I don’t want to give you a cigarette or something.

I say I am very lonely, repentance says that loneliness is for God. He’s gonna burn it, he’s gonna send it to hell …

I went to the doctor today, he said if you have a fever, I gave you a lighter, we looked at it for 5 minutes. Then he referred to the psychologist. What’s my illness?

How do you write with these touches both fast and accurate. I start in Turkish, I finish in Urdu, I will sell the mother…

You know, the clock never progresses or the minutes never pass, you know where the scorpion minute hand is nailed. That clock is broken, pilgrim.

Question: In the past, the Ottomans used to eat bread by banning everything, so what is the name of this muscle whose muscles are too thick? Answer: Ottoman Bank…

I was just in the van. A woman from behind asked me to take that money. I took the money in my pocket, how good people are in this world.


Hi, I applied for a job and you said we’d call you. Yeah. When I didn’t call, I got scared. I thought something happened to you. 😀


The girls who stayed at home; good news! Write your name, surname, age, height, weight and space between 3535 and send it to 3535. Let’s set up your pickles…