You always love me when I’m high! It’s a perfect murder.

Neither my heart is broken, nor my mind is stolen.

I can’t understand or feel it. Because understanding is the brain, feeling is the heart’s work.

How many dates will we have in this dream? I wish I’d been as lucky as a man who’s never been in love.

Unrequited love was smokeless burning in a beautiful eyes.

They’il tell you that you’il be happy without me.

How many times they burned you when I burned you?

Falling in love with the wrong person; is the greatest game of fate. You didn’t have time,

I stole from time and loved you. And one day listen to the people I told you about.

Wherever you go, he comes with you, you can’t touch it. LOVE is the name of the street where you insist, even though you wrote a predicament…

I beg my Lord, let me not love this feeling anymore. For example, I would like to be as lucky as a person who has never been in love.

What if you look at the same sky, after waking up to separate mornings. I’ve never forgotten him. He asks me, does he remember?

I woke up again with that pain. Does it ever hurt? It hurts …

You are the first and one-sided Love of my Heart. My heart chose you.

You’re not going to have unrequited love in the future, not just my heart.

You are the love of my dreams, you will always stay in my dreams. I love you much.