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He mocks the wound, the uninjured. W. Skakespeare

A man who can’t make fun of himself is a fool. Goethe

Regiment often comes from mental poverty La bruyere

Mockery is worse than being beaten. John Steinbeck

And fools mock all the wisdom of the world. Vladimir Bartol

He mocks the wound, the uninjured. William Shakespeare

We’re used to people making fun of things they don’t understand. Goethe

Animals don’t like to be ridiculed. Jack London

The power of nature can always mock the power of man! Example: mehmet ildan

Everything in the world is mocked, joked, but never in poetry! Faik Abasıyanık

If a child is mocked and humiliated, he learns to get bored and wake up. More professionals named dogan cüceloğlu

When people get tired of embarrassment, they start to mock. Doris Lessing

Don’t make fun of me; I don’t dare to love anyone either. Dostoevsky

Mocking is humiliation. This is more of the business of arrogant people. Contact faruk directly

Everything in the world is mocked, joked, but never in poetry! Sait Faik Abasıyanık

Three things are very sad. Wasting time, making fun of people and loathing. Ser-i Crippled

Some mock and fun shows that he is a clown. Paul Heyse

Cynicism is a fling that I use to clear mines from my own site. JeanChristophe Grangé

Most of the time, one cannot free himself from the snob of mocking good, clean things. Dostoevsky

Generally, people will always find one you’re missing to criticize and make fun of you. Charlie Chaplin

First they ignore it, then they make fun of it, then they attack, and then you win. Gandhi

Satire is such a mirror that those who look at it see everyone’s face and cannot see their faces. Jonathan Swift

If the oxes and the pigs could talk, they would mock people who thought of something else again. Epictetus

I buried my best feelings deep into my heart because I was afraid of being ridiculed. They died there. Mihail Y. Lermontov

If people boast of their sins and ridicule their good deeds, then the devil is circumambulating in their hearts. Mevlana

Regiment and pity give two advice: the first makes life sweet by smiling: the second makes life holy by crying. Anatole France

First they ignore you, then they make fun of you, then they fight you, and then you win. Gandhi

When people get tired of embarrassment, they start to mock. Doris Lessing


Praiseworthy are mockery for sages, admiration for beasts, worship for parasites, and slaves of their own institutions Francis Bacon

These people are unconscious enough to think that they can escape from their own problems by mocking others’ troubles. José Saramago

Being able to see the flaws in itself is a feature, being able to say these flaws is a second feature, especially being able to make fun of itself. Contact Orhan directly

Usually people will always find a shortage to criticize you and make fun of you, and no one will try to accept you as you are.

It is much more difficult to endure the regiment than to endure injustice. Because we can protect ourselves from injustice, but ridicule is ridiculous. John Stewart Rock

Everyone tries to look harder than they really are, as if everyone is clearly afraid that they will be ridiculed by their emotions. Dostoevsky

There are times when, pekguzelsozler.com people are afraid of their own shadow, to avoid falling into the language is afraid to step out. Because they don’t miss a chance to make fun of you. Dostoevsky

Don’t make fun of anyone, never humiliate anyone, even in the most remote corner of your heart. Because human life is too sad and serious to be ridiculed. Fernando Pessoa